reptiles_and_amphibias-02840 - hylodes augusti, hylodes bocourti [3243x4581]

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hylodes augusti, hylodes bocourti - high resolution image from old book.

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This JPEG image is a high resolution printable scan of an old page (or plate, or engraving, or lithograph) from antique book published before 1923. Image may be downloaded and printed or perfectly used in crafting, decoupage, collage, altered art, prints or any other personal or commercial purposes. Information about artists (if possible) and title of book is included.

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Width in pixels 3243
Height in pixels 4581
source info Published before 1923.
reptiles_and_amphibias-02840 - hylodes augusti, hylodes bocourti.jpg
Mission scientifique au Mexique et dans l'Amerique Centrale : ouvrage publie par ordre de S.M. l'Empereur et par les soins du Ministre de l'instruction publique. : Mission scientifique au Mexique et dans l'Amerique Centrale. and Aubin, J. M. A. (Joseph Marius Alexis), and Brasseur de Bourbourg, abbe, and Brocchi, P., (Paul), M. le Dr. and Crosse, Hippolyte, and Dollfus, Auguste, and Dum_cril, Auguste Henri Andr_c, and Fischer, Paul, and Fournier, Eug_yane, and Guillemin-Tarayre, E. (Edmond), and Hamy, E. T. (Ernest Theodore), and Humbert, Alo_es, and Milne-Edwards, H. (Henri), and Mont-Serrat, Eugene de. and Saussure, Henri de, and Vaillant, L_con, and France. Minist_yare de l'Instruction Publique.
Volume: Zoologiques:ptie.3:sect.2=Batraciens (1882)
Year: 1882
Publisher: Paris :Imprimerie imperiale, 1868
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Arnoul M.[?] [worked in 1864, not found]
Milne-Edwards, Alphonse (A. M.-E.) (1835 in Paris - 1900) (DETAILS: Place of death: Paris Father's occupation: physician, naturalist, and zoologist Henri Milne Edwards (1800-1885) Relatives: Education: Country of Activity: France Worked for: Honore Charles Grimaldi, Prince de Monaco = Albert I. (1848-1922) , Georges Leopold Chretien Frederick Dagobert, Baron de Cuvier (1769-1832 , Mission scientifique du Cap Horn (1882-83) (Paris 1885-91) ,Expeditions scientifiques du Traveilleur et du Talisman pendant les annees 1880-83 (Paris 1888ff.) , Giovanni Battista Brocchi (1772-1826) , Leopold-Alexandre-Guillaume Marquis de Folin (1818-1896) & Jean-Pierre-Leon Perier (1835-1902) & Ernest Berchon (1825-1894) , Etudes sur les Xiphosures et crustaces de la region Mexicaine (Miss. sci. Mexique, Rech. zool. 5, 1873 (-80) , Patronage: Collaborators: Techniques: marine, zoological, and natural drawingSample(s): Archival sources: Published sources: Nissen: Zoolog. Buchillustration 1969/78 ## 56, 585, 1014, 1399, 2825, 2828, 2830, 4629 & 4695 , Other:
Terrier, Jules (J. T.) (1800 fl. - 1880 fl.) (DETAILS: Place of death: Father's occupation: Relatives: Education: Country of Activity: France Worked for: Louis Magaud D'Aubusson (1849-1917) , Guy Babault (1888?-19??) , Giovanni Battista Brocchi (1772-1826) , Emil Georges Dehaut (?-?) , Alfred Grandidier (1836-1921) , Edwin Ray Lankester (1847-1929) , Alphonse Tremeau de Rochebrune (1836-1905) , Nouvelles archives du Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle (Paris 1865-74) and United States Geological Survey. Bulletin 10 (1884) , Patronage: Collaborators: Techniques: ornithological, natural, herpetological, mammal, and zoological drawingSample(s): Archival sources: Published sources: Nissen: Zoolog. Buchillustration 1969/78 ## 155a, 178, 585, 1061, 1676, 2378, 3447, 3549, 4561 & 4795 , Other: Worked during the 20th century according to Nissen, what seems to be wrong. Further Place of Activity: United States?