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ulmus campestris - high resolution image from old book.

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ulmus campestris
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Ulmus glabra, the wych elm, Scotch elm or Scots elm, has the widest range of the European elm species, from Ireland eastwards to the Urals, and from the Arctic Circle south to the mountains of the Peloponnese in Greece, it is also found in Iran. A large, deciduous tree, it is essentially a montane species, growing at elevations of up to 1500 m, preferring sites with moist soils and high humidity. The tree can form pure forests in Scandinavia and occurs as far north as latitude 67-N at Beiarn in Norway. Wych elm has also been successfully introduced to Narsarsuaq, near the southern tip of Greenland (61-N). The tree was by far the most common elm in the north and west of the British Isles and is now acknowledged as the only indisputably British native elm species. Owing to its former abundance in Scotland, the tree is occasionally known as the Scotch or Scots elm, Loch Lomond said to be a corruption of the Gaelic Lac Leaman interpreted by some as 'Lake of the Elms', 'leaman' being the plural form of leam or lem, 'elm'. However, this is contested, the correct Gaelic name considered Loch Laomainn, its origin obscure. Closely related species, such as Bergmann's elm U. bergmanniana and Manchurian elm U. laciniata, native to northeast Asia, were once sometimes included in Ulmus glabra, another close relative is the Himalayan or Kashmir elm U. wallichiana. Conversely, Ulmus elliptica Koch from the Caucasus, considered a species by some authorities, is often listed as a regional form of U. glabra.

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Additional Info
Width in pixels 1865
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source info Published before 1923.
Flora medica : containing coloured delineations of the various medicinal plants, admitted into the London, Edinburgh, and Dublin pharmacopias : with their natural history, botanical descriptions, medical and chemical properties, &c. &c. : together with a concise introduction to botany : a copious glossary of botanical terms and a list of poisonous plants, &c. &c.
by Spratt, G. (George), Royal College of Physicians of London, Callow and Wilson, publisher
Published 1829
Volume 2
Publisher London : Callow and Wilson
Possible copyright status NOT_IN_COPYRIGHT